Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – June, Barcarolle


Tchaikovsky’s piano cycle The Seasons was commissioned by the editor of the Saint Petersburg journal Nouvellist, to be published in monthly instalments throughout the year of 1876. As a means to supplement his income, Tchaikovsky did not devote his most serious compositional efforts to this suite, however he was in fine compositional form, having recently premiered both Swan Lake and his first Piano Concerto. In each monthly edition of the journal there was included with the score a poetic epigraph, I include now the entry for June: “Let us go to the shore; There the waves will kiss our legs. With mysterious sadness, The stars will shine down on us.”

Originally written in G minor, I have made arrangement in D minor, tuning the second guitar to D. The melody is given solely to the first guitar, the bass and additional harmonies given to the second guitar. Everything fits comfortably under the left hand, fingering and articulation markings are included in the score.