Manuel de Falla – Danza Ritual del Fuego


De Falla’s infamous masterpiece El amor brujo is a ballet that immerses us in Andalusian Gypsy folklore and musical tradition. The narrative follows a young woman, Candela, who is married to one man but in love with another, Carmelo. Following the death of her husband she is haunted by his ghost, eventually resorting to the dark arts to relieve herself of torment. Performing the Danza ritual del fuego, Candela causes the ghost to appear, but as they whirl around faster and faster, the ghost is drawn into the fire, vanishing forever.

In my attempt to encompass the full range of the orchestra, I arranged this piece in its original tonality, tuning the first guitar to D and the second to C. Melodies are evenly split between both guitars and I would thoroughly recommend listening to the orchestral version so as to hear which instrument plays which melody, as a way to inspire your interpretation of the piece. Everything fits comfortably under the left hand, fingering and articulation markings are included in the score.